LocalThyme has a passion for all things health & well-being. Delving into discussions, interviews, DIY’s & recipes with encouragement on living your best life in a pure way.

Delivering delicious & wholesome food that fuels and energises your body. We are a family orientated team, passionate about feeding our customers healthy & nourishing foods made from whole ingredients that have a positive impact on your overall mind, body and health.

Local Thyme by HomeFresh Organics lends a helping hand to those who are passionate about fruit & veggies by delivering beautiful, fresh & locally-picked custom boxes right to your door, packed full of your chosen & most loved produce.

With a home of collective sourced material & partnership community, we focus on working together, learning together & growing together. Our mission is to partner & support you in your way of living.

After all, its about family.

Love The HFO Team with Sam & Johan Gelderblom