DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas! The busy hustle & bustle along with the delightful high energy hooruhh is well and truly here. I LOVE IT! 

I thrive on the expression of love through gift giving. Gifts to friends, gifts to family members & of course gifts to my husband. There is just something so exciting about the anticipated moment that I get to give a gift to someone & wait with excited glee to see their expression!

This Christmas I'm endeavouring on a new journey to spread the holiday love with some sweet and simple handmade gifts. 

Check out my simple & sweet gift ideas for your crafty yet inexpensive Christmas.

3 - Ingredient Facial Oil Moisturiser

This is my favourite home made gift. Grab your base avocado oil & mix with your two favourite healing essential oils!


Coffee Mug Mixers

Start heading to your local garage sales in search of some classic vintage spoons. A dollop of melted cacao nibs plus some crushed peanuts or coconut flakes turns mismatched silverware into a batch of sweet treats. Simply stir into a hot cup of milk & wah-la, chocolate spoon turn hot mocha! 

Bath Bombs

Not only will these bath treats help your loved one unwind after busy seasons, but they're also easy to customise based on what scent and colour you think they'll like best!

Bath Bombs.jpg

Activated Tamari nibble Mix

Activate your own nuts, drizzle & mix with some chilli & Tamari, pop it in a jar & serve!


Watercolour Planters

Don't worry about buying lots of paint for this project. Old nail polish lends itself to creating a gorgeous marbleised look.

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google


Marigold, Honey and Oatmeal Soap

This sweet smelling blend cleanses, exfoliates and moisturisers all at the same time.


Flavoured Salts

Foodies' mouths will water at the sight of these savoury blends. With six varsities to choose from, this gift set is guaranteed to spice things up.


Terrarium Kit

Put all of the things that make up the perfect terrarium in a mason jar, Its sure to make your green-thumbed loved ones smile.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest


Macrame plant hanger

Macrame is surprisingly simple, make your friends their very own plant hanger from supplies from your local hardware store!


Linen wraps

Grab some beautiful linen from your local material store, sow some seemed edges & there you have it. Your Eco-friendly pals will love this one! Simple but thoughtful! #environementallyfriendly

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest


Floral Coasters

Dried florals nearly come back to life in these cute coasters.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest


All of these DIY gifts are super simple, fun & inexpensive! Note, the best way to finish these gifts off is all in the way of wrapping & styling your gifts. For example, your Tamari Nibble Mix, place your mix in a beautiful glass jar, tie some twine & there you have it.







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