Want longer lasting veggies? Here's how!

Want longer lasting veggies? Here's how!

Have you ever wondered how to get longer lasting vegetables? Wonder no more with our all-inclusive veggie longevity blog post! In this blog post, we've outlined five handy hints that are sure to help your veggies stay fresh for longer! There's no better time with all the yummy Spring vegetables that are just around the corner!

Be Selective!

One of the smartest ways to keep vegetables fresh is to plan ahead. If you can come up with a rough guide as to what your weekly meals will be, you can select the items you and your family need for the week. This stops waste. When you are customising your Custom Box, you might be inspired by the list available. Maybe you could see what is in season and on the list for the week, and then start to plan your week ahead.

Also, when planning your meal try to eat foods that spoil quickly first. Fast-spoiling vegetables include corn, broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms. Whereas onions, beets and carrots last much longer. Veggies such as zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and spinach should fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

Keep Them Separated

Another key to longer lasting veggies is to make sure you don't store them with your fruits. This is due to the fact that, as fruit continues to ripen it produces a gas called ethylene. Vegetables are particularly sensitive to ethylene as it will shorten their lifespan. So when unpacking your box, make sure you store the fruits and veggies separately.

Stay Cool And Keep Breathing

Veggies last longer in the cold. This is because vegetables are living, breathing organisms and the cold temperatures slow down their breathing process, keeping them fresher for longer. Keep them away from the back wall of the refrigerator - where it can be a little too cold, the crisper drawer is always a safe bet.

It is also best not to wrap them up tightly in plastic. They can suffocate! HomeFresh does wrap some items in plastic so they will be safe during the transport process - be sure to poke a few holes in the packaging unless packaged in a plastic bag. Mushrooms should be kept in paper bags as plastic will rot them faster. Also, don't pick off the stems or peel, as those actions cause cellular changes inside the vegetable, so keep the vegetable whole and unwashed (or washed and completely dried) until you're ready to use it.

Go Underground

Root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, pumpkin and garlic are not built for fridges. These guys are better placed in cabinets and pantries as they are suited to dark and cool places. Potatoes in particular live longer in a darkened slumber, as the turn green when exposed to light.

These veggies can actually last for months when stored properly, making them the perfect option when you need a fresh tasty meal while your other vegetables are eaten or out of season. When customising your box each week or fortnight, be sure to check your stocks first. Have a look on pinterest for some really funky kitchen storage ideas.


Everything In Its Right Place

To optimize the nutritional value of your fresh veggies, try to consume them within 5 - 7 days and store them in their preferred environment in your kitchen. Below is a basic guide as to where you should think about storing your vegetables in the future. Stick this to your fridge as a little guide to help you remember where veggies live when unpacking your Custom Box.


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